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IOTracker Pro 2.0

No Image IOTracker Pro is the premier in-out board with true client/server capabilities and unlimited users. Now, with just a click of the mouse, you will know where your employees and/or co-workers are at any given time. You will know when they are available to attend a meeting or just out to lunch. This easy-to-use software also allows users to log in from anywhere in the world. Tracking your employees has never been easier.

Vintage Trains and Locomotives Screensaver 1.0: This screensaver contains 50 images of vintage trains and locomotives.
Vintage Trains and Locomotives Screensaver 1.0

Vintage Trains and Locomotives Screensaver presents 50 steam and electric train and locomotive engines. These vintage steam and electric trains were in service in 1924, when these watercolor paintings of Railway Engines Around the World were completed. See a wide variety of steam and electric trains and locomotives from Egypt, India, Ireland, UK, Sweden, China, Spain, Palestine, the Soudan and more. All aboard for a trip into locomotive history.

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Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners 1.0: Electric guitar lessons for beginners allows you to take control of your guitar!
Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners 1.0

Electric guitar lessons for beginners - learn how to take control of your electric guitar quickly and easily. Learning yourself online is that easiest way to learn guitar and you don`t have to pay for expensive lessons. It allows you to be more creative in your playing and draw from your own influences. You`ll be burning up the fretboard in no time!

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Nine Men`s Morris 1.0.0: Capture the enemy pieces in this Roman board game!
Nine Men`s Morris 1.0.0

board. Once removed, those pieces cannot be placed onto the board again. Note that pieces of a formed mill cannot be removed unless no other pieces are left on the board. The number of each player`s unused pieces are shown on the left of the board. Note that you must finish your turn within the given time limit, as indicated by the timer on the screen, or you will lose. After all pieces of both players are used, the pieces on the board can be moved

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Electric Field 2.01: An excellent tool for visualizing electric field  and  equipotential lines.
Electric Field 2.01

electric field - if you use "Electric Field". It is an excellent tool forvisualizing electric field and equipotential lines. Visibility of field line and potential surface depends on their magnitude. You can put unlimited number of charges in the field. Also, it can simulate electric field of charged condenser, charged wire and charged dielectric objects. "Electric Filed" have ability to measure field strength and filed potential. Supports MDI, bitmap

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Duodecim Scripta 1.4.0: Play this popular game in the Roman Empire
Duodecim Scripta 1.4.0

In this game there will be a 12 x 3 board, the center row is called the entry squares and is used to enter the pieces to the board (the first player uses the 6 squares on the left, and the second player uses the 6 squares on the right). You will need to enter all your 6 pieces to the board, move them around the board in the anti-clockwise direction, and then out of the board. The players take turns to throw two dice. For example if 1 and 3 are th

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Royal Game of Ur 1.4.0: Play the Royal Game of Ur, one of the oldest games in history.
Royal Game of Ur 1.4.0

Archaeologists suggest that this game is more than 4500 years old. The object of this game is to enter all your pegs into the board, move the pegs around the board and then out of the board. The pegs enter the board from the middle square on one side, then move down the side, up the middle column, then down the same side and then leave the board. The center column is shared by the two players and is the war zone, when a piece lands on a square oc

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